We began our journey in 1985 when we decided to produce just 100% recycled glass. We have maintained this compromise with the environment and intend to do so going forward. The glass is sourced from glass containers and collected by a specialized Company who transport it to the recycling plant. The glass is then selected, treated and transported to our Factory to be recycled. We exclusively use 100% recycled glass without any additives. We comply with all the Kyoto protocol aspects, and International treaties that commit parties to reducing greenhouse gases.

Design, quality and competitive prices are perfectly possible with 100% recycled glass. Glass can be recycled repeatedly without any reduction in quality and every single action makes a difference. When you buy recycled glass you close the loop.


The recycling process of glass is a perfect circle and a clear example of sustainability. A small gesture by any of us is a contribution to the environment. A lower temperature is needed to melt the glass and a lot of energy is then saved. Residues going to landfill are dramatically reduced and extractions of sand and raw materials are minimized.

The saved energy in recycling 3 bottles is enough to:

  • Charge a smartphone battery for one year.
  • Maintain a low consumption light bulb on for 9 days
  • It is equivalent to the energy needed for 3 cycles of a washing machine