Vidrios San Miguel was established in 1985. The company has grown and developed constantly over the years and today has 370 employees. Our products are distributed across 5 continents and can be found in 82 countries. Our daily capacity of production is up to 120 tons of glass. We have a large on site warehouse with storage capacity of 24000 pallets which allows us to respond efficiently to market demands. Our production functions throughout the year even in August and over the Chistmas period. There is ongoing training of our employees at all levels to ensure the highest level of quality in our products.



Our company is well known for combining the most up to date technology with traditional glass making . This enables us to offer more than 25,000 different shapes , colors and sizes. All this without forgetting the flexibility that also allows us to adapt to an endless world of possibilities for our customers.

Production techniques:

  • Hand made
  • Mouth blown
  • Centrifuged hand made and automated
  • Pressed
  • Robot
  • IS
  • EMI



  • Drinkware , Pitchers , drinking glasses , Plates , bottles , oil, vinegar cruets,Beverage jars in any size , shape and colors
  • Kitchenware , storage jars with metal, cork , bowls
  • Dinnerware , all sorts of forms ,textures and colors
  • Vases , candleholders , tealight holders , mixing glass and metal , different textures and finishes , unique forms and sizes available in any colors
  • Decorative pieces and bath accesories. Metallics , antic gold and different finishes with constant evolution to adapt to the latest market trends

We succesfully combine the most up to date technology with traditional skills without losing the creativity that characterizes us.